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Are you an frustrated songwriter looking for that edge? Do you feel like your songs are missing that magic ingredient that can make them stand out from the crowd?

The WISPR Framework is here to help! This online course which includes a 6 week coaching program teaches talented songwriters how to write marketable songs that get managers and labels excited, and create the kind of music loved by concert goers.

I’ll guide you step-by-step through the entire process with this one-of-a-kind framework. 

Learn How To:

  • Plan ahead so you know you’re writing the right music for the right audience
  • Defeat writer’s block once and for all so you can confidently come up with fresh ideas
  • Craft melodies designed to get and keep your listener’s attention
  • Write lyrics that get stuck in your audiences heads
  • Reverse engineer what’s already working and apply it to your own songs
  • and more…

In 6 short weeks you’ll learn how to go from sporadically coming up with song ideas that you never actually finish, to having a system to create your own radio-friendly songs specifically designed to be marketable to your chosen audience.

This Coaching Program has 2 Main Elements:

The training library and the direct coaching from me.

The training videos are housed in an online training portal and are filled with all the information you’ll need to understand how hit songs are actually made. Once you sign up you’ll get instant access to the entire training library. You'll also get coached directly for 6 weeks. Lessons include:

Online Training Portal:

  • How the music business works and what you’re actually trying to achieve
  • How to tap into an almost endless source of song ideas
  • Creating and grouping melody ideas so that they feel natural to the listener
  • The song success formula you didn’t realize you already knew
  • Lyric writing tips to make your songs more “catchy”
  • Tools to help those who don’t play an instrument
  • Recording and production tips
  • The importance of a professional mix and how to get one even if you’ve never mixed along before

Direct Coaching:

  • For 6 weeks you’ll get feedback on your work directly from me, an award winning singer and songwriter
  • I’ll critique your songs, answer any questions you may have about the training and make suggestions to help you get better results more quickly
  • Once the 6 weeks are over the direct coaching will end but you’ll still have access to the training library.

Time To Level Up:

Once you’ve gone through this program you’ll have a highly sought after skill allowing you to write songs that sound like amazing. You’ll be learning a system based on the process used to create the mega successful hits being made today.

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